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·  Nanosized zeolite as potential agent for extending lubricant lifetime”.Zaarour, M.; El Siblani, H.; Arnault, N.; Mintova, S. 4th EAZC, Taormina-Italy (27-30 January 2019).
·  “When Precession Electron Diffraction Tomography goes dynamical. BOULLAY, P.; Steciuk, G.; Pérez, O.; Petit, S.; Zaarour, M.; Mintova, S.; Rickert, K.; Poeppelmeier, K.R.; Zhang, W.; Wang, H.; Klementova, M.; Palatinus, L. 30th Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association, Basel, Switzerland (28 August, 1 september 2016).

·  Invited lecture and round table discussion:  “​Network of Young Chemists of SCF”  Nord-Ouest Européennes des Jeunes Chercheurs JNOEJC, Rouen (11-12 May 2015).

·  “Design of Ag NPs for incorporation in photovoltaic solar cells”. Zaarour, M.; Louise, L.; Alaaeddine, M.; Elroz, M.; Cardin, J.; Retoux, R.; Gourbilleau, F.; Witulski, B.; Mintova, S. GFZ 2013, Semur-en-Auxois-France (27-29 March 2013).

·  “Approaching efficiency enhancement of organic photovoltaic cells through surface plasmonic structures”. Louise, L.; Alaaeddine, M.; Zaarour, M.; Mintova, S.; Gourbilleau, F.; Witulski, B. MEET Workshop, Bath-UK (06-08 March 2013).

·  Palladium-catalysed direct arylation of luminophores : a powerful tool for the tuning of the optical properties. Guerchais, V.; Zaarour, M.; Beydoun, K.; Boixel, J.; Williams, J. A. G.; Doucet, H. ICOMC XXV, Lisbonne- Portugal (3-7 September 2012).

·  Synthetic strategies to access to luminescent tris-cyclometallated Ir(III) Complexes.Zaarour, M.; Beydoun, K.; Williams, J. A. G.; Doucet, H.; Guerchais, V. GECOM CONCOORD 2012, Métabief-France (3-8 June 2012).

·  “Luminescence and nonlinear optical properties of new cyclometallated iridium complexes”. Zaarour, M.; Guerchais, V.; Le Bozec, H.; Ledoux-Rak, I.; Singh, A.;Williams, J. A. G. Journées des doctorants, Rennes-France (12 January 2011).

· “Luminescent cyclometalled Ir complexes: a new class of NLO-Phores”Zaarour, M.; Guerchais, V.; Le Bozec, H.; Ledoux-Rak, I.; Singh. A. COST D35 Workshop 2010, Prague-Czech Republic (17-19 May 2010).

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